Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday around the World

Welcome to the second biggest sales day on earth. Cyber Monday is coming with huge steps and you wanna be part of the madness. Only 4 days after Black Friday, we hope you have saved some bucks to benefit from the various offers the shops will provide. And not only in the US – Cyber Monday is everywhere. Check it out here, you will be surprised!

Cyber Monday

Shop of the year 2018

Store Tesco

Tesco is our Cyber Monday shop of the year 2018.

When is Cyber Monday?

Year Date
Cyber Monday 2017 27. 11.2017
Cyber Monday 2018 26.11.2018
Cyber Monday 2019 25.11.2019
Cyber Monday 2020 23..11.2020
Cyber Monday 2021 22.11.2021

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At, it is all around how to best shop on this unique worldwide sales day. We collect all information around the event for different markets, so that you do not miss anything. Why only shopping where you are? The internet is global and so are we.

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Top Shops 2018

Store Kabum Brazil
Store Amazon Germany
Store Amazon France
Store Amazon Italy
Store Amazon Spain
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Store Cdon Sweden
Store Amazon UK

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Questions around Cyber Monday

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is one of the coolest shopping days in the year. Coming from the USA, it has by now spread all over the year. Cyber Monday is dated on the Monday after Thanksgiving and after Black Friday. As Black Friday was originated as an offline sales event, Cyber Monday was introduced when online shopping became bigger and bigger as a pure Online Sales day. This explains also the word “Cyber” in Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

Cyber Monday is the Monday following after Black Friday. As today most shops have both, a physical and a digital presence, the difference between the two days is fading away. On both days, you find lots of different offers and great deals in the market, although still Black Friday in some countries has a lot of additional deals in the stores. In our experience, it is best to use both days for your shopping, in case you do not find a great deal for the products you look for on Black Friday, do not worry as Cyber Monday might still bring what you need.

What time does Cyber Monday start?

Every store has its own timing for setting its deals life. The first ones start at midnight, others only in the morning when the teams behind Cyber Monday deals are getting in the office. You can visit our individual shop sections to find out more details around every shop, when they started in 2017 and what we expect for 2018. Anyways, you should stay tuned the whole day as some offers go life during the day and are sold out quickly.

Cyber Monday Meaning

The term “Cyber Monday” was created as a marketing term for the day following Thanksgiving in the US. The meaning is derived from “Cyber” to differentiate from Black Friday that was invented earlier and implemented as an oflline sales efevnt. “Cyber” shows that on this day it is all about online sales. “Monday” just tells the weekday the event is happening every year.

How does Cyber Monday work?

The right question should be “how can I make Cyber Monday work for me?”! Cyber Monday is taking place every year as shops want to animate shoppers to spend money before Christmas. So it works as online stores can make quite significant sales on only one day, but also users can make very nice bargains. How it can work for you, you can find out best by browsing through our pages and taking a look at the shopping guides and shops that will actually participate in 2018. Have much fun saving!

Who has the best Cyber Monday deals?

This question we get asked every year. You cannot answer this in general, as on the one hand deals are very different for different people (e.g. someone wants to shop a smartphone, while the other one needs urgently some new clothes for the baby). On the other hand retailers change their deals and how good they are every day. In general we try to give the best overview what you can expect from different shops not only in your home country, but also around the globe on these pages. Enjoy browsing!